William J. Rehder, J.D.

Mr. Rehder is a 33-year veteran Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who retired from the Bureau in June 1999. In 1968, he was assigned to the Bank Robbery Squad in Los Angeles, dubbed by the media “Bank Robbery Capital of the World.” For eighteen years beginning in 1981, he served as Coordinator of all bank robbery/bank burglary investigations within the seven counties that comprise the Los Angeles FBI Field Office (LAFO) often functioning as crisis manager since many of these bank robberies resulted in unusual violence or loss of life.

Mr. Rehder is nationally acknowledged as the most experienced bank robbery investigator in the United States.

He originated, organized and moderated a continuing series of conferences that enabled the bank security and law enforcement communities of Southern California to forge a new strategic partnership to combat skyrocketing numbers of bank robberies in the early 1990s. This partnership led to implementation of technical security innovations by banks and enhanced follow-up investigation by law enforcement that together were credited with steadily reducing the numbers of LAFO bank robberies by 75% with violent takeovers reduced 67% over the last six years of his career.

Mr. Rehder has appeared as an expert witness in numerous federal and state courts where robbery, security, or other investigative matters were at issue.

He has functioned as an ad hoc instructor at the FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia conducting “in-service” training for veteran robbery investigators from throughout the nation. Mr. Rehder is a frequently requested and regularly featured international speaker at meetings, seminars and conventions of numerous banking, security, and law enforcement groups.

He has appeared on such nationally televised programs as “20/20,” “America’s Most Wanted,” “Investigative Reports,” “Safe Streets,” “Hard Copy” and several “Discovery Channel” documentaries as well as numerous local and nationally televised news programs. Mr. Rehder, as the LAFO bank robbery coordinator, was the featured topic on the CBS nationally broadcast program “48 Hours.”

Mr. Rehder graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce and Finance from St. Louis University in 1963 and a Juris Doctor degree from the St. Louis University School of Law in 1966.


Mr. Rehder has authored a true crime book entitled “WHERE THE MONEY IS – True Tales From The Bank Robbery Capital Of The World.” The book, published July 28, 2003 by W.W. Norton & Company, has received wide critical acclaim. It tells the story of the modern bank stick-up by relating a series of true tales involving the various styles of bank related crimes in today’s U.S. It also chronicles the lives of those bandits and the process by which today’s FBI agents and policemen identify and pursue bank robbers.

Mr. Rehder is nationally acknowledged as the most experienced bank robbery investigator in the United States.

Mr. Sims is a career professional in law enforcement and financial institution security with 36 years of experience.

Douglas N. Sims

Mr. Sims is a career professional in law enforcement and financial institution security with 36 years of experience.

In May 1992, he joined the Bank of America Corporate Security Team. By October 1995, Mr. Sims was appointed Vice President and Senior Manager of Corporate Security-Protective Services. His overall responsibility was to provide a safe environment for all bank employees and customers at 2000 banking centers, 7000 ATMs and 40 critical function administrative facilities located here and abroad. His other more specific responsibilities included:

  1. Management of $30 million budget for security guard program involving 450 guards

  2. Management of 100 corporate security officers

  3. Management of Bank Executive Protection Program which included various corporate executives outside the bank’s staff structure

  4. Protection at major events including shareholder meetings

  5. Planning location and implementation of banking center Access Control Units and Bandit Barriers as robbery deterrents 

  6. Design, implementation and updating of banking center security procedures manual and corporate security equipment standards manual

  7. Management of four corporate alarm centers variously located throughout the United States

  8. Design of security “Best Practices” for response to bank robberies, ATM robberies/burglaries and other criminal activity at banking centers

  9. Development of lesson plans and videotapes for employee security training relating to proper procedure before, during and after criminal incidents

Following the merger of Bank of America and NationsBank forming the largest bank in the United States, Mr. Sims was appointed Senior Vice President and Division Manager of Protective Services. This position included responsibility for the safety and security of all additional bank employees and facilities, as well as security policies, procedures and standards of the newly merged banking corporation. Mr. Sims retired in April 2000.

Prior to joining the Bank of America, Mr. Sims enjoyed a distinguished 28 year career with the Los Angeles Police Department. His assignments included the prestigious Metropolitan Division, Special Weapons and Tactics Team, Labor Relations Group and the 1984 Olympic Planning Committee. As Detective Sergeant, he supervised many high profile robbery, homicide and burglary investigations. Mr. Sims authored several security publications and was guest speaker on the nationally televised programs “Oprah,” “America’s Most Wanted” and “Unsolved Mysteries.”

Mr. Sims holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration of Justice from California State College at Los Angeles as well as an Advanced Law Enforcement Post Certificate. He has also attended Executive Management Seminars at USC.

A bank is robbed nearly every day in America, though the heyday of the highly publicized heist is long past. Click here to listen as retired FBI agent Bill Rehder reflects on three decades spent covering bank jobs.